Remembering Anthrax, Testament and Death Angel (sigh)

Currently, I am ahead in my Maryland Deathfest band profile postings by a few days. Also I want to wait to see if Jerry Flores from Bloody Phoenix will reply to my email. So, I thought I would take a moment to share something fun I made last fall.

For my fiancé’s birthday, we traveled to The Fillmore in Silver Spring, Maryland. The venue is lovely and beautiful (and expensive).  We caught the first leg of the Anthrax, Testament, Death Angel show on November 6, 2011. It was a fantastic show and among the best concerts we saw last year.

To celebrate this great event, I headed over to and made a little commemorative slideshow from some photos and film I took. Animoto is great fun if you don’t know how to make videos. If you sort of know what sort of shots you are looking for in advance, it works out pretty well, which I think that this project did.

If you did not see this  particular tour, shame upon you!  Death Angel is currently on tour with Sepultura; Testament is heading to Europe; and of course, Anthrax can be seen at the Mayhem Festivals this summer.

I don’t plan to make it to any of those tours so I just watch this slideshow over and over. I know. Pathetic. Enjoy!


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  1. I was at that show, it was rad

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