Preview of Thursday for 2013 Maryland Deathfest

Hey, Bolt Thrower. Don’t look so annoyed. You are headlining the first night of MDF.

Here’s an audio-visual preview of what to expect at the 2013 Maryland Deathfest Thursday night. I will try to post live videos for all the previews, unless I just can’t find one or the sound is horrible. Then you will get a studio recording. (Remember that Evoken has been moved to Friday.) Thanks to Carrie Patrick for compiling the set times and locations because I am a slacker this year.

First up, we have Noisem (formerly Necropsy), young death metallers out of Baltimore. Noisem – 4:40 – 5:05 (Sonar Stage 3/Inside)

What’s this hellspawn from the Philippines? It’s Deiphago. Looking forward to this mayhem. Deiphago – 5:20 – 6:15 (Sonar Stage 3/Inside)

Pallbearer will slow things down considerably but will probably be as loud as the previous band. Hold on to your bowels for this one. Pallbearer – 6:30 – 7:20 (Sonar Stage 3/Inside)

Japan brings us Abigail’s blackened thrash. Or is it thrashened black metal? Abigail – 7:35 – 8:25 (Sonar Stage 3/Inside)

Cobalt has been described as black metal, extreme metal, avant garde metal. Whatever, you want to call this, I am excited to see them. Solid stuff here. Cobalt – 8:40 – 9:30 (Sonar Stage 3/Inside)

Closing the night is Bolt Thrower, the quintessential death metal band from England. Just awesome. Great way to open the fest. Bolt Thrower – 9:50 – 11:00 (Sonar Stage 3/Inside)


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