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M A Spiro

I started Metallomusikum mostly because I was bored and also because I thought that there was no one really covering extreme music in the Baltimore area.  I have been a music fan for going on four decades and specifically a metal fan for about half of that time. Black metal, death metal  and some proggy weird shit are my favorite types of metal. I also listen to punk, hip-hop, jazz, ambient and classical music. My motto is: There are only two kinds of music — the kind you like and the kind you don’t like. Really, there is no accounting for genres. It’s all good and it can be all bad, too!

Every once in a while, I luck out and get an interview with an interesting person, a cool author, or a band you might want to read about. Other times, you might just get a bunch of photos and a brief write up on a show I just saw. I make no promises as to the content, but I hope to make it regular.  That is tough to do.

In addition to writing and reviews, I book shows under the business name Shadow Woods Productions, LLC.  In 2014, I started planning for the first  Shadow Woods Metal Fest, with the purpose of gathering a few friends to go camping and listen to bands. The fest has grown into something much bigger than that.  The first three fests were held in Maryland, now it looks like Virginia is going to be our new home. The goal of the fest is to offer people a chance to hear bands that are part of the underground music scene, ones that are not appearing on every fest all the time.  Check it out maybe.



  1. Cheers for the follow 🙂 I hope it’s not too deadly dull of a read – we don’t get stuff like MDF down here 😦 I’ve been hearing about it ad nauseam from my U.S. metalhead friends and I am green. GREEN I TELL YOU.



    • We have folks from down around your way coming up for the festival…and they are not even playing in the bands. Ulcerate played last year and I enjoyed their set thoroughly! You will have to take a trip here sometime.

      • hey lighten up… this isn’t a living person’s experience – we’re talking Jack Daniels Black Sabbath purely corpse love

  2. watching the Scorpions MC movie btw – delete this

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