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Doomantia benefit compilation drops today. Get it!

Earlier this month I wrote about’s founder Ed Barnard and how he had fallen on financial hard times due to medical expenses. Today the 39 song Doomantia Vol. 1 compilation was released and man, I am only four songs in to listening, but it totally crushes.

Bands appearing on this compilation are from across the country and across the globe. Some of the songs featured are available elsewhere on the respective band’s previous recordings. Some though, such as Iron Man‘s acoustic version of Choices, were recorded expressly for this project.

The compilation is available only as a digital download from Bandcamp. But for $7 you get more than four hours of music. All the bands donated their time and recordings and all the proceeds go to Ed. Genres range from stoner to sludge to drone to psychedelic. But if you are a fan of Doomantia or even if you are not, the price is well worth the music featured!

Get it here


Doomantia founder must be spared from actual doom

There’s a saying that most of us are just one paycheck away from being homeless. In the case of Ed Barnard, mastermind behind the doom, sludge, psychedelic, stoner, sludge metal website Doomantia, it was a $10,000 medical bill.

At last report on his webiste, Ed was indeed homeless in the state of Washington, splitting time between a tent and an occasional motel room.  Somehow he continues to post record reviews and so forth on the site, aided by his companion in doom, Sally Bethall.

The doom community is a tight knight bunch and several members have stepped forth to spearhead an effort to raise money on Ed’s and the website’s behalf.  Nine bands will gather at a small club called Lallo’s in Knoxville, Maryland to perform a benefit show. The line up includes Against Nature, War Injun, Fire Faithful, Ghutt, When the Deadbolt Breaks, Lord Fowl, Foghound, Ninety Ones and Akris. The show starts at 2 p.m. and costs $20. (Note: Ghutt is unable to appear at this show.)

Lallo’s, located at 853 Jefferson Pike, Knoxville, MD 21758, bills itself as a pizza joint, but really it is a Mexican restaurant and the food is pretty good. It is located kind of near nothing at all, but once you get there, there will be no reason to really leave because these bands are all stellar. I can personally vouch for Against Nature, War Injun, When the Deadbolt Breaks and Akris since I have seen all of them live. Your doom aesthetic will be rocked at this show.

A digital compilation is also in the works and should be available for order by the end of October. The benefit compilation is slated to include the works of 35 bands who contributed their time and effort. They include Bongripper, Order of the Owl, Demonaut, Halmos, Switchblade Jesus, OceansRainbow, War Iron, Fister, Iron Man, Screaming Mad Dee and Alex Vanderzeeuw, Wizard’s Beard, Gorgantherron, Bastard of the Skies, Wolfpussy, Sludgethrone, Undersmile, Beelzefuzz, Vulture, The Departure, Spyderbone, Blackwolfgoat, Low Gravity
Križ, At Devil Dirt, In the Company of Serpents, Hollow Leg, War Injun, Dope Flood, Compel, Heathen Bastard, and Chowder.

I have heard of many of these bands, but several are new to me. I am admittedly less schooled in this subgenre of metal than some others. Either way, both the concert and the compilation are great ways to pay back someone who has donated a great deal of personal time and energy to support the music and bands he loves. Hard times can befall any one of us at any time, so it is nice to know that people care about someone they have never met but who has impacted their lives.

Plus, according to JB Matson, drummer for Hagerstown, Maryland band War Injun, doom metallers have good reason to support Ed Barnard and Doomantia. “The average doom fan checks the Doommantia website for reviews BEFORE buying unfamiliar music,” Matson said. As for Ed, Matson added, “Without him forming one of the most powerful media voices for the genre of doom and screaming doom from the mountain tops, the genre wouldn’t have nearly the amount of exposure it has gained.”

So get out to Lallo’s on Oct. 13 for a day of doom then follow that up by getting ahold of the $7 Doomantia compilation download available soon through the Doomantia website. Pay the doom forward.

Metal concert set for Feb 11 to benefit sick baby

Parents know that raising children presents challenges. But when your child has a chromosomal imbalance like 8-month old Delainie Simpson of Waynesboro, PA, every day can seem like a marathon with no finish line in sight.

It was a seemingly uneventful pregnancy. Yet within minutes of Delainie’s birth, her need for nearly constant medical care has kept her father Steve and mother Kelly guessing as to when they could stop running this dreadful race long enough to enjoy a few minutes with their little girl. Monitored-care in a neonatal intensive care unit, middle-of-the-night trips to the emergency rooms, and lengthy hospital stays have taxed the family emotionally and mentally, but also, obviously, financially.
To help the Simpson’s, Steve’s long-time friend, Matt Dayton, has gathered musicians from Maryland, Pennsylvania and North Carolina to put together the Delainie Simpson Benefit show. Festivities begin at 2 p.m. Saturday, February 11 at the Brunswick Fire Hall 223-225 West Potomac St., Brunswick, MD 21716. Admission is $15 at the door with 100 percent of the proceeds going to support little Delainie.  Brunswick is approximately 60 miles west of Baltimore.
Kelly explained that while chromosomal imbalances are not uncommon in humans, how they are expressed, if at all, varies greatly from person to person. For some children, a chromosomal imbalance results in an extra 21st chromosome and is expressed as Down syndrome.
In Delainie’s case, Kelly explained that many of her symptoms are similar to those found in premature infants. Delainie, for example, had trouble breathing in her first few weeks of life and needed surgery to open up her airway. She also has profound hearing loss. When she takes a bottle, she frequently aspirates (breathes in) a little bit of formula into her lungs.

It seemed like with every passing day, Delainie exhibited a new problem presumably associated with her genetic imbalance. In time, Delainie’s entire genetic makeup was mapped, Kelly said, and physicians now know exactly where the imbalance occurred.

Furthermore, Delainie has not reached many of her developmental milestones, such as sitting up. Kelly attributes some of this delay to her daughter’s genetic glitch, but also does not discount the fact that Delainie spent many weeks confined to hospital cribs attached to monitors. She basically has not had a chance to explore her world the way other children would.  Even so, Delainie now is at home full-time with her family and is improving daily. She coos sweetly and seems to be close to turning over, Kelly reports.
Meanwhile, initial response to the announcement of the benefit concert has been phenomenal, Matt explained. He reported that he had to turn bands away because so many were requesting to be on the bill. He added that this show has inspired him to become more active in the local music scene. He manages the band Trifecta, listed below, in addition to Earth Ride and Weed is Weed.
You can hear samples of many of the bands slated to play here.
If you can’t attend but want to make a donation, Paypal is accepted at the benefit’s website.

Acts scheduled to perform fall within the heavy metal subgenre of doom with some distinct variations. The bands in likely order of appearance include:

The Civil will kick start the show with funky rhythms and guitar jams distilled from the tie-dyed purple haze emanating of the summer of love.
This Too Shall Burn boasts clear vocals, straightforward melodies, and a relentless backbeat will propel this group through their early set.
Despite Charm should impress listeners with their modern spin on traditional rock and metal.
Trifecta will transport listeners to the British blues and rock origins of metal with their Zeppelin and Cream inspired melodies.
Akris defines experimental sludge musically with the voice of angel crying overhead.
Admiral Browning paints a cerebral landscape with their more progressive,  melodic approach to doom metal.
Ghost of War presents soaring vocals over a backdrop of traditional guitar driven heavy metal.
Doom legends Iron Man plan to assault the audience with grinding guitar riffs and a thunderous rhythm section, framed by thoughtful lyrics.
War Injun layers aggressive vocals upon a foundation of fuzzy guitars and thrashy downbeats.
Pale Divine closes the show with music that harkens back to psychedelic the days of Iron Butterfly and early Black Sabbath.

RSVP to the event of Facebook here.

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