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Podcast 4: Autumn Screams Doom

Doom, stoner metal and sludge seem to be what the kids wanna hear these days. So this time on the podcast, we talked to Hasan and Dan about the fall fest Autumn Screams Doom, October 25 and 26 at The Ottobar. Specific details of the fest can be found on the Facebook event page here. There is even a matinee Saturday upstairs at the Ottobar, featuring a screening of the movie “Last Days Here,” which is a documentary about Bobby Liebling, vocalist for Pentagram. Details about the day event can be found here.

I have seen only seen four of the bands slated to play, so much of this music will be new to me.

Philadelphia’s Wizard Eye puts on an unforgettable performance. I’ve seen them only one other time. Who doesn’t love a band that features the theremin? They open up the show on Friday, so don’t be late.

Loss at Stella Natura. Photo by Mary Spiro.

Loss at Stella Natura. Photo by Mary Spiro.

One of the most interesting bands playing is Saturday night’s headliner, Loss. This band fascinates me because, although their lyrical themes are very dark and despondent, they also seem to project a sense of hope in their music. In general, I am not a fan of depressing music, but Loss is different. Can’t wait to see them again. It will be the third time for me this year. Read a previous interview I did with vocalist Mike Meacham prior to their show at the 2013 Maryland Deathfest.

Listen to our podcast here and then check out a few videos from some of the bands that will play. We welcome your feedback on the podcasts. We drink a lot along the way and sometimes things get a little weird. Well, mostly I just get weird.

Autumn Screams Doom promises blues inspired, doomy heaviness with a good dose of “hey brothers” and high fives all around. Simply put, it will be two days of freaky, crushing madness. Tickets are $15 for each night (so $30 for the weekend) and the Saturday Matinee is $8. Tickets can be purchased at the ASD website.

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INTERVIEW: LOSS to serve ‘unjoy’ for Maryland Deathfest

For some people, there is a sweet, cathartic pleasure in immersing oneself in utter pain, despair and desperation. The group Loss provides the soundtrack to that experience. What else would you expect from a band whose motto is Fatum Vestri Vita—doom your life?
Loss performs at the 2013 Maryland Deathfest on Saturday, May 25 at the Sonar compound.
LOSS photo by Diana Lee Zadlo
This funeral doom outfit formed in late 2003 and claims “Music City” Nashville, TN as their home. They’ve produced a variety of demos, EPs and splits over that time, but not until 2011 did they birth the full-length recording Despond on Profound Lore in 2011.
True to the funeral doom descriptor, Loss produces slow, heavy, dirge-like melodies framed by Mike Meacham’s hollow, throaty growls. If you like groups like Pallbearer or Evoken, Loss will be your cup of gloom.
Loss’s music lives in a gray, bleak world, but somehow that lifeless miasma is comforting and, at times, epic. Light does stream in, and I find their music not quite as weighty as some of their funeral doom colleagues.
Mike replied to my MDF questions. Here are his replies:
What will be the official lineup for Maryland Deathfest?
The standard lineup…original four members:

Jay LeMaire – drums
Tim Lewis – guitar
John Anderson – bass
Mike Meacham – guitar/throat

What do you consider to be one of your band’s most essential
recordings? And why?
For certain the Despond album. It’s our first full length and is a perfect representation of all the emotions we wish to capture.

How does your band feel about playing Maryland Deathfest? What
have you heard about this festival?
We are looking forward to playing, as it is our country’s largest and best festival of its kind. I’ve heard it’s well run, and the attendance is large so that’s good, however I personally hate being around lots of people or crowds. Not really my thing. Some great bands are playing as always…

What other bands playing MDF do you hope to see perform?
Anhedonist, Benediction, Bolt Thrower, 
Broken Hope, Carcass, Cobalt, Deiphago; 
Pagan Altar, 
Repulsion, Venom,
Tinner, and Tragedy.

Will you be doing other shows as part of your stop at MDF or is this appearance exclusive?
This is just a one off show for us though we have plans to return to the North East very soon…

Will there be any unusual or special merchandize you will be selling while at MDF?
It’s a secret to everyone, haha!

Is there anything else you hope to do while you are in Maryland?
No not really… sleep? Travel is cathartic so it will be nice to be away from home. We have lots of friends that will be in attendance so that’s definitely what I’m looking forward to.

Is there anything else you want people to know about your band?
Any new records coming up?
We have two splits coming this year both for vinyl: one with Graves At Sea and one with Hooded Menace. We hope you find the way to a razor, noose or bottle pills through our music or at least catharsis. We will most likely disappoint you live. Unjoy…
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