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New Iron Man video single posted on YouTube

Maryland doom engineers Iron Man have released a video single from their forthcoming album, South of the Earth. The track  “Hail to the Haze,” is posted below.


Jason Waldmann, Dee Calhoun, Alfred Morris III and Louis Strachan are Iron Man.

Iron Man recently signed to Rise Above Records in Europe and will be distributed stateside by Metal Blade Records. You can pre-order your very own copy (CDs, for now) via the Metal Blade website here, which will be shipping in the USA on Oct 1. Vinyl will be available but it is as an import and kind of pricey. Still if you want it, it’s can be found on Amazon.

There are lots of exciting things on the horizon for these east coast doom stalwarts, including the possibility of some international show dates. I am glad to see them finally getting the recognition that they deserve. Guitarist Alfred Morris III has kept this dream alive for more than 25 years, and all I can say is better late than never.

Upcoming show dates include:

Iron Man has an upcoming show on Sept. 11 at Cafe 611 in Frederick with Keefshovel (members of Elder), Admiral Browning and Rhin.

With Saint Vitus, Pallbearer and Hookers on Oct. 13 at Metro Gallery in Baltimore. The event page is here.

Autumn Screams Doom festival, Oct 25 -26 at the Ottobar. Iron Man plays Friday. The full line up and ticket info can be found here.


Countdown to MDF X: (2) Saint Vitus

The word “legendary” is usually never appropriate when describing even the most well known musical acts. Its overuse can make it meaningless. In the case of doom metal band Saint Vitus,  however, the description of legendary may qualify as officially sanctioned.

Hailing from Los Angeles, Saint Vitus quite possibly invented doom metal.  I won’t insult you or the band by attempting to recount their history over the last 30 odd years. You can read that all on the official Saint Vitus website.

What I will say is this. Their first new album in 17 years, Lillie: F-65, comes out just two days before the start of the 2012 Maryland Deathfest, where Saint Vitus will play outside on Sunday, May 27. They will play a few festivals in the US this summer, including the Scion Festival in Tampa and the Chaos and Tejas festival in Austin before heading over to spend the rest of the summer in Europe.

The group’s current lineup includes founders Dave Chandler (guitar) and Mark Adams (bass), on and off and now on again vocalist Scott “Wino” Weinrich and newest member Henry Vasquez on drums. I’ve seen Wino perform solo, but never with Saint Vitus, nor have I ever seen any incarnation of this band. As a newer  fan of doom, I am particularly excited to catch their performance this year. Here is something brand new, as well as something old from these doom metal pioneers. Wino sings vocals on both.

INTERVIEW: Tatsu Mikami wants you to join his Church of Misery

I am not a fan of church membership in general. But if I were to be a congregant in any church, it would be Church of Misery from Japan. Spacey, psychedelic, doomy and ultra heavy, rest assured Church of Misery will do a great job transitioning the audience at the 2012 Maryland Deathfest on Sunday afternoon to the grittier soundscapes expected later that night from Saint Vitus and Electric Wizard.

For whatever reason, Church of Misery likes to write songs about serial killers. But their sound is so 70s old school psychedelic that you will have to keep checking to make sure you are not listening to something recorded around the time of Black Sabbath’s first album. In addition, their live performances are reminiscent of Cathedral.

Founding member and bassist Tatsu Mikami earns a beer from me for his replies to my basic interview questions. He wears his bass slung so low on his hip that I am not sure how he manages to play it. But I guess that is his secret to success. Other current members include Junji Narita – drums,  Kensuke Suto – guitars, and Hideki Fukasawa – vocals and analogue synthesizers.

This is first time we will play the US. So we are prepared to play our ‘BEST’ set list including all three albums. All C.O.M fans surely will be satisfied!” Tatsu said.

Just before MDF, Tatsu said C.O. M. will be finishing their seventh European tour. This latest three-week outing included the UK, Germany, Holland, Denmark, Norway, Sweden and Finland. I know the Swedes were digging their sound, as this New Wave of Psychedelic Doom Metal is really popular there.

While they are in the US, Church of Misery. will be making several stops. Tour dates can be found here. Each date includes Gates of Slumber and either Rwake or HailHornet.

What special surprises will they have for deathfest attendees? “We will bring special T-shirts for MDF. It’s available only at MDF – very limited!” Tatsu said.

Church of Misery seems anxious to perform for America. “I would like to say – very sorry for keeping you waiting! We will be devastating all venues like GOZILLA!”


Scott "Wino" Weinrich performing "Hold On Love"

Scott “Wino” Weinrich is among Maryland’s most talented and well respected musicians. I recorded this clip during a Feb. 11, 2011 acoustic only performance at Sonar in Baltimore, MD. This was among one the best “small” shows of last year for me.

Wino has contributed to a dozen bands in his career so far including The Obsessed, Saint Vitus, Probot, Spirit Caravan, The Mentors, Hidden Hand and many others. Saint Vitus will be performing Sunday at the Maryland Deathfest. While he is widely credited with crafting the doom sound, this song “Hold On Love” from the solo album Adrift, just proves he is at home in any setting. Enjoy!

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