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Shadow Woods returns; moves to Virginia


The 2017 Shadow Woods crew. Photo by Alix Vallecillo


Shadow Woods Metal Fest enjoyed three wonderful years on our property at Camp Hidden Valley in Harford County Maryland. But as we all know, the only thing constant in this world is change. The property owner decided to retire and sell. So we decided to just call it a day and say three was good and move on.

But the community that has arisen around the fest is strong and would not let the fest die. Before the end of 2017, more than $5,000 was raised in a quiet campaign to keep the fest going. A search was launched to find a new venue and after many emails, phone calls, boarding meetings, presentations and site visits a new home for the fest was found.

We are moving to Virginia. 

Our dates for 2018 are Thursday Sept 20 through Saturday Sept 22 at the Harpers Ferry Adventure Center. So mark the days on your calendar and ask off from work, Shadow Woods is back, and it’s going to be weirder than ever.

An updated Shadow Woods Metal Fest website is in the works:

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INTERVIEW: Getting irresponsible with Cough

Among the slowest, sludgiest and doomiest bands to play the 2012 Maryland Deathfest is Richmond, Virginia’s Cough. They take the stage Sunday afternoon, May 27. And I would say they have the right attitude about the whole point of the festival.

“Looking forward to the party! We’re gonna be around for the whole fest so let’s get irresponsible,” said bassist Parker Chandler.

The music of Cough expresses anguish, despair, and utter misanthropic ennui to the nth degree. Just when you think drummer Joe Arcaro has slowed the pace down as slow as it can go and still be a rhythm, he loses another beat. Parker might average three notes a minute on his bass and guitarists David Cisco and Brandon Marcey can sustain a tone for as long as they like, so don’t hold your breath. Vocals are plaintive and desperate.
Don’t let me give you the wrong impression, however. This is powerful, cathartic, and expressive music. They take their time developing the groove and then work around the riff until you can’t take anymore. It’s not speed metal but its not boring either.

Chill out and check out some of these tunes. They have a 40 minute set at MDF. Cough’s average song is 10 minutes long, so they will probably only play three or four songs. But what will be on their set list?

“Without giving too much away, we plan on playing a song we’ve never played live. Other than that, it’s all up in the air,” Parker said in an email.

Cough has shows scheduled before and after MDF. “We’re playing at The Bell House in Brooklyn with Yob on May 23rd. After MDF we start a tour with Dragged Into Sunlight that will take us down to Austin for Chaos in Tejas,” he said.

And don’t forget to stop by their mech table while you are shopping for your 1000th black band t-shirt.

“We’ve got some beer coozies. We’ll also have some vinyl copies of our first record and our split with The Wounded Kings,” Parker said.

Countdown to MDF X: (37) October 31

Get your “invisible oranges” ready. Underground legends October 31 play true, uncompromising, epic heavy metal in the vein of more well known acts such as  Judas Priest and Iron Maiden, but with a decidedly thrashy flavor. They perform mid-day on Saturday, May 26 at the Maryland Deathfest.

October 31 has weathered numerous line up changes since its inception in 1995 in Northern Virginia. It’s founding member and vocalist King Fowley suffered a stroke and experienced a lengthy recovery. Still the group has perserved, simply because of their love for this traditional brand of heavy metal. They have established a reputation as a crowd pleaser based on memorable, riff-driven melodies and Fowley’s powerful vocals. Their sound remains constant in the face of many metal subgenre trends.

The current line up, as far as I could confirm, includes Jim Hunter (bass), Jason Tedder (guitar), King Fowley (vocals), Dave Castillo (drums), and Brian Williams (guitar), who is the group’s other original founder. Their most recent recording was an album called No Survivors, which was released in 2005. I have included a track from that album, as well as one from their 2000 recording, Meet Thy Maker. Enjoy!

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