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Ranking the most metal cities in the USA

My blogging buddy Brandon “Johnny” Ringo has compiled a list of the top 10 metal cities in America. Baltimore/Washington, D.C. made the list (although if you ask anyone around here the two scenes can’t really be lumped together). Brooklyn and the glam metal birthplace Los Angeles were appropriately relegated to honorable mention status. But overall there were a few surprises here for me. Richmond, Virginia? OK, I see that as more of a blip, but time will tell. Check it out and let me know what you think.


Pretty much the best 21 touring tips I have ever read

Hey, I am not in a band. But I have gone on road trips with spouses that hated me and toddlers that also hated me as well as being in the car. And I imagine that is pretty much the same as going on tour for a couple of weeks with your closest frenemies, ie, your bandmates. Here are the 21 most sage pieces of advice to prevent homicide or suicide while traveling as a band. Thanks goes to Thor Harris, the percussionist for the indie rock band Shearwater.

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